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RealPlayer Basics

Posted By On July 31, 2009 @ 12:12 PM In Multimedia | No Comments

Are you interested in using the best audio, video, flash and media player out there today? Not only is it easy to use, this media player offers a free standard download for all computer users—just go to www.real.com. Once you have downloaded and opened the program, you’re set to use it. Let’s get started!

I’m going to teach you how simple it is to use RealPlayer by discussing the features under all of the basic tabs on the top of the application. Let’s start with “File,” the first tab. The first option is New, under which you can open a new web browser, playlist, or autoplaylist. A new web browser is just like your normal Internet browser. A playlist is a set of clips or songs chosen in a specific order, in which you can arrange them however you like. By clicking on the new playlist option, you can create and name your own Playlist. An AutoPlaylist, on the other hand, is a random selection of tracks that is automatically selected by RealPlayer based on a certain criteria you can choose.


The second option under “File” is Open, in which you can browse through your computer’s file if you want to open a certain clip and play it on RealPlayer. The third option is Scan Disk For Media, in which you can search for media on your computer. The fourth option, Add Files to My Library, allows you to select files from your computer and add it to your Library on RealPlayer.


The fourth option is Print, in which you can print the image currently displayed on your RealPlayer. The fifth option is Clip Properties, in which you can edit or view clip information. If you wish to edit clip properties, you can categorize by entering in the name, category, genre, artist, album, year, etc.


The final two options under “File” allow you to either work offline or to exit the application. The second tab on RealPlayer is the “View” tab. The first three options under this tab are the three different modes in which you can view your clips: Normal, Toolbar, or Theater. The Toolbar mode is a smaller screen than the Normal screen, and the Theater mode is full-screen. The following option allows you to Zoom, whether you wish to view your clip in Original Size, Double Size, or Full Screen Theater.


The fifth option is the Message Center, which displays the latest software available through RealPlayer. Under “View,” you can also choose for the Album Info to be displayed on the screen. If you are playing a music clip, you can Choose Visualization or Choose Skin to have an animation in the background as you listen to your music.


Tune in next time for more available features on RealPlayer!


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