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I’ve heard all about Windows Media Player and the other media players, but can you tell me a little about RealPlayer?

I sure can! We haven’t done much on RealPlayer before, so this is perfect. We’ve mentioned it a few times in other tips we’ve done, but have never gone into a lot of detail about it. As you mentioned in your question, there are several other media players that are available for use, such as Windows Media Player and Winamp. While there are many to choose from, each one seems to bring their own little spark to the table and RealPlayer is no exception.

The latest version of RealPlayer available right now is RealPlayer 10.5. With this, users can buy and download music right from the Internet. The music you download can then be played on more than 100 portable media devices, such as an MP3 player and even on an iPod. This can be done thanks to RealPlayer’s revolutionary technology of Harmony. RealPlayer 10.5 is the first program to integrate this into their service. Once installed on your computer, you can use RealPlayer to, as I said before, download and play your music and also manage your audio and video clips.

RealPlayer has a simple to use interface and with it, you can easily keep your music library organized and up to date. You can keep all your audio files in one place and all your video clips in another, etc. It’s so easy to do on your computer and on your digital music player. If you use an iPod or an MP3 player, RealPlayer makes it very easy for you to be able to take your digital entertainment with you on the go.

You can also play music CDs with RealPlayer. Just insert the CD in your computer and RealPlayer will take it from there. You can organize your tracks and also save the CDs onto your computer. Like most media players, RealPlayer also has the Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind options, so you never miss the favorite parts of your music. All music and video files are played with a crisp, clean sound and display as well.

I know this may be sounding just like any other media player, but RealPlayer does have its own unique features. If you’d like to check it out, you can download the latest version here. Be real and give it a shot. You never know, RealPlayer may be the next best thing in the world of music and media players for you!

~ Erin