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Rearrange Mailbox Fields in Outlook

By default your e-mail messages are listed with the “From” information before the message subject.

For many people that arrangement is just fine with them – it’s how they operate.

But if you find yourself looking for the subject first then maybe that’s the way you’d like the information listed… with the message subject first.

If this is you then here’s all you have to do to rearrange your mailbox fields in any order you choose.

Go to the column headers (names of fields).

Click and drag the field name to another location.

The catch?

Be careful – if you drop the field without ensuring that it’s got a “new home” in the lineup Outlook will assume that you meant to remove it so that’s exactly what will happen.

Outlook will display an indicator as to where it will be placed. (Shown here the “From” field will be dropped into the location indicated by the red arrows – to the left of the “Category” field.)


(If you actually want to remove a field then click and drag it off the field names altogether and let go.)

Remove one by mistake?

Try the View menu, Current View submenu, Customize Current View choice.

Click the Fields button.


You’ll be presented with the available fields on the left and those currently being used on the right.

As you can see it works like a lot of Microsoft’s customizing dialog boxes. Locate the field on the left and click the Add button in the middle.

You can rearrange field order in this dialog box as well by selecting one on the right and then using the Move Up and / or Move Down buttons.

Click OK when you’re done.

So… go forth and set up your mailboxes in the way that makes the most sense to you. This is truly one thing in Outlook that you can have all your way!