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Rearranging Preset Layouts in PowerPoint

I don’t know about you but I find myself constantly rearranging the preset layouts I find in PowerPoint.

Frankly it can be annoying after a while – knowing that I’m pretty much setting up the same thing more than once.

I could duplicate the slide I created first but then I have to delete all the content.

I could bring a slide from another presentation into the current file – but then again there’s the content to get rid of on top of the time it takes to locate the file and then the slide I need.

What I’d really like is to be able to create my custom slide layout and have it appear alongside all of PowerPoint’s preset layouts – so when I insert a new slide I can just choose it from the beginning.

Well, with PowerPoint 2007 I found that I could make that wish come true.

In PowerPoint 2007 if you go to the View tab of the Ribbon and click the Slide Master button you’ll have access to the Slide Master tab.


On the left side, in the Edit Master section you’ll find a button labeled as Insert Layout.

Clicking this will insert a new slide into the slide master list of them and allow you to design it as you wish.

To add elements to your layout click the Insert Placeholder button and choose an element to add.


Once it’s in your slide resize, rearrange, whatever you desire.

By default PowerPoint will name it “Custom Layout”. If you’d like to name it something different click the Rename button (next to the Insert Layout button).


Give it a new name and click Rename.

When you finish with everything click Close Master View.

Now take a look at the layouts available from the New Slide button on the Home tab. (Click the bottom half of the button to see your choices.)


See it?

My custom slide layout is now listed among the rest and is as easy to use as everything else.

And… just one more idea… if this is a layout you’ll need often then maybe you’ll want to save this presentation as a template so it’s easy to access whenever you please.

~ April