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Recently Used File List

Recently Used File List

Have you ever noticed the file names at the bottom of the File menu?


Ever wonder what was going on there?

They look like your files — in fact, they look like the files you’ve recently opened, don’t they?

Well, that would be because they are exactly that.

Yep, that’s right, MS Office programs keep track of the files you’ve recently used and displays them at the bottom of the File menu.

“Why?” you ask?

Well, to make life just a little bit easier, of course.

Have you ever tried clicking on one of those files names?

If you haven’t, then let me fill you in…

Clicking on one of the file names in that list (called the “Recently Used File” List) will open the file—no open windows or navigation to locate the file required!

Give it a try—you’ll probably find that it’s one of easiest time-saving features you’ve come across in a long time!