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Reclaim the Recycle Bin!

Lily from Ham. Ont writes “I accidently deleted my shortcut icon for emptying my recyle bin. Could you please tell me how to put if back?”

Greetings, Lily and thanks for the great question.

I have actually done this before, and it’s a pain, especially since the recycle bin is the only icon that I keep on my desktop.  Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to get back.  What you didn’t tell us is what operating system you’re using.  I know that these instructions work for Vista and 7. 

What you do is go to your desktop and right-click anywhere where there’s no icon and click on PERSONALIZE.

That will open up your personalization screen where you can do things like change your wallpaper and screensaver.  At the upper left corner, you’ll see CHANGE DESKTOP ICONS.  Click on it.

This will open the change desktop icons screen.  You’ll see the basic desktop icons there with little checkboxes beside them.

Click on the checkbox next to RECYCLE BIN and then click OK.  And VOILA!  You have your recycle bin back.

I hope that this helps.

Randal Schaffer