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Record Video/Screen Capture Like A Pro

Have you ever watched a video where everything someone does on a computer screen is recorded so you can see step by step how something is done? Ever wonder how they do that? Ever want to make your own instructions or record someone showing you how to do something so you can replay it next time you need to?

BB FlashBack Express Free Edition is the application for you.

What does it do? Simply put, it lets you record what’s on your screen and transfer it to a video file for playback. What else?

How easy is it to use? Simple. When you open BB FlashBack you get a simple menu asking if you want to record fullscreen, a region (red bars show up to select where to record) or a window (you click on the window you want to record when prompted), select if you want to record sound from microphone or what your speakers play and if you want to include video from your webcam so the video shows who’s talking or what your webcam is pointed at.

The result? Click the image below to launch the video.


Once you’re done recording you can view the file in the included BB FlashBack Viewer or export it as flash or AVI. The export screen includes tons of options to optimize file size, shrink the video down and pick what codec the video is encoded with. Many of these features are for the advanced user, so leaving the default settings produces what most would consider a fantastic screen capture video.

What’s not to like? Many of the advanced editing features require purchasing the standard or pro version. Having said that though, this is an amazingly powerful screen recording utility for FREE! If your business needs to produce professional videos for demonstrations or instructions, the $89/$199 price seems well worth it for the power of the software.

You can download BB FlashBack Express Free Edition by clicking here [2].