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Recover Corrupt Word Files

Every try to open an MS Word document only to have the program tell you that it can’t open the file because it’s corrupt?

Come on, if you use Word with any frequency then I’m betting that you’ve run into this gem a time or two.

Made your day, didn’t it?

I mean, what better way to spend your time then to start the whole thing over again. Hope you have a good memory.

Or, maybe you could try one of these options:

Word comes with an Open and Repair option – so let’s find that one first.

When you go to the Open dialog box (File menu / Office Button, Open choice) and select the corrupted file you’ll find that the Open button becomes active and has a down arrow on the right side.

Click it and choose Open and Repair.


If that one doesn’t take care of business then give this a try…

Back in the Open dialog box select your corrupt file and then in the Files of type drop down list choose “Recover text from any file“.


You may lose formatting during the repair / recovery process but it’s a lot better than losing all the information.

Hopefully one of those two maneuvers will save you a lot of time, tears and pain when the dreaded “can’t open the file” message appears.