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Recycle Old Cartridges for $$$

If you are like me, few things depress you more than having to buy new ink cartridges. The cost per cartridge goes down if you have a printer that has separate ink cartridges for each color, but wouldn’t it be great if you could turn those old cartridges in for recycling and get some money off your new ink?

Popular office supply stores OfficeMax and Staples both offer a cartridge recycling program where you can turn in old non-damaged cartridge for a $2.00 back in rewards per cartridge. There are limits to how many you can turn in and of what type, so check out the full program details below.

OfficeMax Recycling Program Details [1]

Staples Recycling Program Details [2]

Thanks to Daniel Bienenfeld, one of our readers, for sending in this great tip on how to recycle and get something for it!