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Recyle Bin Vs. Permanently Delete

Annie from Willet, NY writes:

How do you get items to go directly into the “Recycle Bin” instead of being “permanently deleted?” I accidentally deleted family photos thinking they were going into recycle bin, only to finally read the statement “do you want to go permanent delete?” I tried looking at the recycle bin properties, but there are no options to put in the bin. I have Windows 8 OS.


It’s possible that your photos deleted because your recycle bin got too full. Photos can be very large and take up a lot of room.  Or, if you were deleting from another source that’s not on your PC, (such as a network or memory card) the items would be permanently deleted instead of going into the recycle bin.  If you clicked No when it asked if you wanted to permanently delete the images, they should still be there.


There is also an option on your recycle bin to permanently delete files instead of going to the recycle bin. Right-click on the recycle bin and select properties to make sure you haven’t selected the option to skip the recycle bin and permanently delete files.

The best way to keep this from happening again is not to use your recycle bin as a hold folder for things you aren’t sure you want to delete. That’s a sure way to accidentally delete something important. I know a lot of people use the recycle bin as a hold bin, but I have seen it go way wrong too many times.


Making a “hold” folder is a simple as right-clicking on the desktop or inside a folder and choosing New. Name your folder something like “hold” or “photos for review” and put the items in there instead of the recycle bin. Then delete them and empty the recycle bin when you are absolutely sure you don’t want them anymore.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia