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Red Flag It

Red Flag It

You’ve done this a hundred times.

You’ve got an email that requires a follow up action on your part and then a response but it’s not due for a couple of days.

Well… It can wait. You’ve got other things that are a higher priority right now.

You’ll leave the message in your Inbox – you’ll remember to get the job done and respond on time.

Move on to the next task.

Fast forward—it’s about 4 days later…

What’s that in the Inbox?

Oh No!

And there’s one move victim to the “forgotten email”.

Better late than never?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a way to mark the messages so we would be less likely to forget the important ones?

Yes, I thought you might want something like that.

Well, fortunately MS Outlook has a way to mark those important “don’t forget me” messages.

Built into Outlook is a great little feature known as a message flag.

You can mark email with a flag, drawing your attention to the “yet to be done” item any time you look at your message list.

And, better yet, what about setting a due date and time so that you’ll get a reminder right on your desktop?

Sounds good to me.