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Red-tailed Hawk Cam

I love when readers send in live stream animal web cams that I haven’t already seen, that are of great quality, and the animals actually show up in! Why you may ask? Well, because then I get to share them with you.

Today’s Cool Site features a live web cam devoted to a red-tailed hawk nest. I like it for several reasons. There has always been a bird there to watch when I show up, they archive video so that you have something to watch if there isn’t a bird present, and beneath the videos you can find a nice About section where you can share the video and learn more about red-tailed hawks.

The page is easy to navigate too. You arrive on the page and the video loads! It’s truly that simple. To watch other videos, for example – Big Red Lays an Egg, you just have to click on the video you want to have load and then watch it!

The other feature I like in the About section of the page, is that you get to meet the birds. Big Red and Ezra, are the birds who have created this nest. They’re the ones you’re tuning in to watch.

http://www.livestream.com/cornellhawks [1]

~ Amanda