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Red X Again

Red X Again

After all the e-mails I answer every day regarding “red x” issues, it’s no surprise to me that several of you are still struggling with this common problem from time to time. I do believe I answer at least five e-mails each day from people who cannot see images in the e-mail they receive. Since pictures are a big part of the e-mail world, that’s tough to deal with!

So, if you’ve already tried everything you can think of and you still can’t see any pictures, what are you supposed to do? Well, I have one more suggestion for you. By now, you should know that if you’re having the “red x” problem in Outlook Express, you need to change some of the settings, but what if you use a Web based e-mail program like Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail or AOL? Well, in that case, the problem may lie in your Web browser.

If you use Internet Explorer to check your e-mail, go to Tools, Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. Look for the Multimedia section and make sure the box that says “Show Pictures” is checked. For Firefox, go to Tools, Options and click on the Web Features icon. Make sure the “Load Images” box is checked as well. This should correct all of the image settings for the next time you check your e-mail. Now, just in case, read here for even more clarification on this problem.

Now, hopefully that pest of a “red x” will be gone for good!

~ Erin