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Freemake Video Converter

Dan from Alberta asks:

Are there any programs that allow me to set a specific output size for my video files?

Digital video is one of the most space consuming multimedia types. That, and not everyone can afford the luxury of storing huge amounts of video content on an internal hard drive. Of course, today it’s also possible to host videos online, but this is more applicable to short clips which don’t require much Internet bandwidth and hosting expenditures. Most video consumers are still after backing up huge video files onto DVD or CD discs which also have their capacity limits. Thus, in any case – storing video on HDD, uploading it to the Web or burning to discs – you can’t do without alterations in video file size.

In spite of the a great number of tools which could assist with the task of video file size reducing, it’s a big problem to pick up a really working and easy-to-use one. Of course, to drop file size, you can use free compression software like WinRAR or WinZip. However, in our tests video file size didn’t change a lot, while the compression process took a really long time. Therefore, I suggest using Freemake Video Converter [1] to fit your video to a specific file size. The software is free and powerful, it can help shrink video file size in several ways.

Method 1. Establish a specific output file size

This means is for those who don’t want to sort out knotty video settings. Freemake Video Converter lets users establish a custom output file size and will automatically calculate video bitrate to adjust to this value.

Just add a video into the converter, select output video format (better the same as source), proceed to video parameters and put the desired output file size value. The program will hint you about the allowable value scope. Thus, the size of 2.3 GB file may be reduced  up to 420 MB, the video resolution not affected.

Method 2. Customize video parameters

This seems to be the most reasonable method of video file size decrease. Still it requires time and expertise.

To drop output file size, you have to change the following video parameters: frame size, frame rate, bitrate, sample rate and audio bitrate. Even if you choose the value previous to the original, you can reduce video size by 2 times.

Method 3. Burn DVD

Freemake developers claim that their video converter is capable of burning up to 40 hours of video to DVD. In fact, this is a perfect solution to back up huge amounts of video content.

The software estimates the output video quality of the basis of input files duration. With 5 hours of input video we get Standard DVD quality. The file size drops from 10.5 GB to DVD’s 4.5 GB.

Method 4. Upload to YouTube

This method is for advanced YouTube users. If you prefer hosting your video files online, YouTube is a good destination as it accepts countless uploads of any video content (obviously not copyrighted materials).

If a video file is too lengthy, the video converter will cut it into parts and insert into YouTube playlist. You can also set videos private and upload as many video as you wish during one software session.

~Elena Vakhromova