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Reflex Games

After sharing Sheep Dash with all of you, I got a few requests for other reflex games. Upon further exploration I found Reflex Games. This site hosts a collection of different reflex games for you to test your skills against.

There are a couple of ways to browse the site: you can use the light blue navigational tabs across the top of the screen, you can scroll down the page to featured section, or you can click on the game links that are on the Roll of Honor table.

In order to save your scores and compare them against other users or friends, you’ll need to register for an account. This is easy to do by simply clicking the Register button at the top of the page. Create a username and password, provide a working e-mail address, and then click the Register button.

The games you have to choose from are Color Twitch, Buzzy, Speed Clicks, Box Check, Reaction Button, Lights Out, Stop Clock, Phong, EyeQ, Snake, Breakout, and Tetris. There is also a collection of memory games that you can access by clicking the memory tab at the top of the page.

Want tips on how you can do better? Or how you can improve your reflexes? Well then check out the Improve Your Reflexes tab at the top of the page and you’ll be whisked away into a section filled with tips and tricks to do just that.

Warning! These games can be addicting, and cause you to lose track of time. Don’t play them if you’re facing a deadline, need to get things done, or be somewhere on time!  😀

http://reflex.sosocial.net/ [1]