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Reformat your Computer with Windows 7 Recovery Disk: Is there a Limit in Using the Disk?

Mark from Brampton writes:

Is there a limit to how many times you can use your Windows 7 disk to re-format your computer?

There is no limit in using the recovery disk, so users can perform recovery as many times as necessary. It will not damage the disk and will not delete any information stored on the disk so there is nothing to worry about.

When do you Use the Recovery Disk?

This is a serious process and kind of a hassle, so you only want to do this if it’s absolutely necessary.

If the computer will not restart because of registry error and all you’re getting is a black screen, it may be time to reformat the disc. If the system is reformatted, all the errors in the registry will be removed.

If you are seeing multiple system errors caused by viruses or malware, reformatting the drive could be the answer.

 ~ Cory Buford