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RegScrub XP

RegScrub XP

Everyone who ownsNe a PC needs a good registry cleaner. They can be invaluable tools for cleaning up your system’s registry, freeing up space and helping your whole system run more efficiently. Junk files, such as fragments left behind like forgotten souls from long uninstalled programs, hinder your system’s speed with their unnecessary presence.

Well, I used to have a registry cleaner here that I ran as a download of the week a couple of years ago and I would send it out to those having technical support issues with their systems. The program has since gone the way of the dinosaur and I have decided to find a new updated registry cleaner that I would feel comfortable sending to all you WorldStart patrons.

Well, lucky for you, I accomplished my mission and I have a winner. It is called RegScrub XP, which may arguably be the best free registry cleaner on the Web today. This thing can do everything, just short of standing up and whistling “Dixie.” It’s jam packed with tons of cool features and tools that allow you to completely manage your computer’s registry.

RegScrub XP is a registry cleaner that can make even the most novice computer user comfortable cleaning out the “Big R” (your registry). You can have RegScrub XP generate a list of all the “junk” entries in your registry, where you the user, can go through and select the ones you would like the program to remove. What I like about this registry cleaner is the fact that it automatically backs up your registry, giving you a “get out of jail” card, so to speak, if you somehow end up crippling some program on your PC that you use regularly by deleting it from the list of unnecessary items.

Here are a couple of the features of RegScrub XP that you may find interesting:

I also wanted to mention that the RegScrub XP has a tremendous Help file, which I strongly recommend that all of you read before you start any registry cleaning. The manual explains every feature of the program, including why and how it does what it does. For example, the ever important restore feature or the exclusion list.

I love this program. I did a full scan this morning and found 1,051 problems with my registry (on my test computer). I selected and removed all of them. I didn’t even review the list, because I wanted to see how good of a job the program did on its own. Well, let me tell you, I was impressed. I haven’t had one problem with anything. I did a restore just to see how that worked and again, it was painless and effective. That’s almost as good as cheap and easy, which this is also, coincidentally.

Hope you enjoy the RegScrub XP. I know I’ll be sending it out to people who may need it, because in my opinion, you simply can’t beat it for the money!

You can download RegScrub XP here.

~ Chad Stelnicki