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Reinstalling Multiple Programs with Ninite

Formatting the hard drive of a computer can be a pain, but sometimes it’s unavoidable and needs to be done. Although operating system installations don’t take hours to complete anymore, it is still cumbersome to re-install all of your favorite software all over again on a freshly formatted drive. Some applications, like the media players, messengers, and browsers, etc. are needed the moment one boots into a freshly installed PC. Downloading and installing them one by one can make anyone pull their hair out. Ninite.com is a free website which makes this job relatively easy for you. Well, actually they make it a whole lot easier.


Ninite.com [1] gives you the ability to create and download a custom made package of the various software that you use most frequently. This includes most common software, including Firefox, Skype, itunes, Winamp, Yahoo messenger, etc. It works like this. You go to their website, select the software that you require and click on the big Get Installer button. This creates a single custom installation file which is downloaded to your PC. Click on the installer file and it starts downloading and installing the software automatically. Is that cool or what ?



Forget going to individual websites,looking for the latest versions of software and installing them one by one. Now you have this extremely convenient option to do it all at one time. The hard working guys at Ninite.com not only ensure that they secure the timely updates of all the latest versions of the software on their website, they also constantly strive to increase the range of software that they offer. Users can even go to the website and request a particular free software or shareware to be included on the list. One thing that I like about these guys is that they didn’t just restrict the list to software, they expanded it to also include minor system updates like the latest java, flash player, and video codec updates so that applications which depend on them do not have to struggle.

There’s no catch involved in this. No toolbar to download, no e-mail to give out and no manual labor. I see no reason why this should not be used by everyone who has to go through the already painful process of formatting a PC. Make sure to bookmark this website for that rainy day.