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Relocate Your Entire Documents Folder to Dropbox

AJ from NC asks:

Is it possible to replace my My Documents folder on my computer with my Dropbox folder?

Sure! I’ve been using Dropbox [1] for over a year now, and I love it! Never again do I have to worry about not having a file saved on my flash drive or in my email. But being the picky computer use that I am, I want to make my life even easier. Instead of having to remember to save my files in the Dropbox folder, how great would it be if my “My Documents” folder was my Dropbox?

If you like the sound of that idea, then keep reading, because this tweak only takes a minute or two!

To make our My Documents folder act as our Dropbox, we need to alter the settings of our Documents folder. To do so, press the Start button, and right click Documents and select Properties.


Choose the tab named Location, and select the Move button.


Find your Dropbox folder, and click Select Folder. Finally, confirm your actions by pressing OK.


You will be prompted to move all the files from the Documents folder to your Dropbox. Windows (and I) recommend you do choose Yes, because otherwise things get messy with duplicate copies.


Presto! The transformation is complete! From now on, your Documents folder will link straight to your Dropbox. Your files will be available on other Dropboxed computers, your mobile device, or anywhere in the world using www.dropbox.com [2].


~Jay Neil Patel