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Remix all of your media with Stroome

Stroome is a simple to use online tool that allows you to remix your personal media into videos.  You can collaborate with any media that has already been uploaded or you can upload your own.  It’s incredibly useful for giving your photos or videos of that special day with your family a special touch.  This tip will take you through how to get started with Stroome as well as delivering some ideas on what to use it for.

Just click here [1] to go to Stroome’s home page. To get started, click “Try Now! It’s Free” in the top right of the screen.

Stuff all of your relevant info into the resulting page and click “Create Account”. To start remixing your personal media, click “Start New Project” on the following page. You’ll then be asked to fill in some details about your new project, I’ll give you four guesses what mine is going to feature! It’s probably best to start of with the basic editor option if you’re a beginner to video editing, that way, there’s more fun than fuss.

The screen you’re presented with is pretty blank, which means we need to find some of your snappy snaps or video clips to fill it with! Click the “Clip Library” tab, and then click “Add More” as shown below.

Click “Browse” to open your computers file directory, find the relevant videos, photos or audio and click upload. It may take a while for your photos or videos to upload, depending on your connection speed, but don’t worry, that’s what the rolling news is for – go and update yourself on current events and come back in 5.  Already got it uploaded? You lucky sausage! Skip ahead, my good man, on to the editing! Click next, once your photos have uploaded.

Next, just drag and drop your pictures or videos in the order that you want.  You can grab transitions from the “Transitions” tab and through them in the spaces between pictures and even add text to your clips by clicking the little pen shape on the individual clips.

Once you’re done, click save on the bottom right and start sharing your masterpiece!

Happy editing!

~Matthew McGuire