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Remove an Email Address in Opera

Chris from Victoria, Australia asks:

How do I remove an email address from Opera so it does not download new emails from that email account?

Opera is a clean and efficient web browser with tons of downloadable features. It is also, provided you downloaded the “internet channel”, the browser that powers your Wii. It can be downloaded free from www.opera.com.


Opera is setting itself up to be the most user-friendly for generation iPod, incorporating features such as mouse gestures. Using simple mouse gestures, you can perform actions normally assigned to a menu bar. For instance, double-clicking in any empty browser window opens your home page. Right-clicking and then dragging left or right will take you to the previous or next browser window.

Opera is also the latest application to play with voice activation technology, allowing you to use voice commands to achieve these actions as well.

One of the most intriguing features of Opera, at least for me, is “speed dial”.


When you open up a new tab in Opera, it will display your “speed dial” pages – the most recent pages that you’ve visited, or pages that you have assigned to speed dial.

The one failing of the browser, in my opinion, is when it comes to importing Firefox bookmarks. When it looks for bookmarks, it looks for .html format, whereas Firefox saves its bookmarks in .json format. I didn’t find a workaround for this, since I don’t intend on using the browser as my main browser, but there must be one.

The specific feature that Chris is asking about is Opera Mail. Kind of an ingenious idea, really – it’s a mail server, similar to Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird that is an integrated part of your browser.

In order to launch Opera Mail, click on the Opera menu button at the upper left of the screen, and then click on Mail and Chat Accounts.


This will open up your accounts dialog window, where you can add, delete or edit email accounts being served by Opera mail.


To remove an email address, simply click on that email address and then click delete. It will no longer download emails from that address.
Hope this helps.

~Randal Schaffer