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Remove Attachments in Outlook

Ever have an e-mail message in Outlook with an attachment and you find that you no longer need the attachment (you’ve already saved it or it’s of no use) but you do still need the message?

Do you keep it all?

Most of us do but what if you’re space-conscious when it comes to your e-mail? What if you have a space quota? Attachments can really add to the size of your message archives.

If this situation sounds familiar to you then you may be interested in knowing that you can delete attachments without deleting the message.

Once you’re sure you have no more use for the attachment open the message. (By “no more use” I mean that either it’s been saved or is of no further use to you.)

Right-click on the file you want to delete.


Choose Remove.

When you close the message you’ll see the following prompt:


Yes will finalize the delete, No will close the message without deleting the file and Cancel will put you back into the message as though you never tried to close it.

To delete or not to delete, that is now the question.

~ April