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Removing Mail from Server in Windows Live Mail

Dave from Longwood, FL asks:

How do I set up Windows Live email to remove mail from the server after it has been read?

Are you checking your e-mail daily but still noticing that your e-mail box continues to fill up – even though you have been deleting most of the junk coming in? Or perhaps your mailbox is already full, causing your contacts’ messages to bounce back to them as “undeliverable.” If you are facing one of these (or similar) issues in Windows Live Mail, then it is highly likely that your e-mail is being left on your providers’ server even after it is checked or deleted. This common issue can arise for a number of reasons, the most typical being user error when setting up email in Windows Live Mail, or user forgetfulness when it comes time to shut off a temporarily set “Leave mail on Server” option. Lucky for us, re-setting Windows Live Mail to once again delete messages from the server as they arrive only takes a few steps:

Step 1. Click on the blue Windows Live Mail program options icon in the upper left corner of the Windows Live Mail interface. The program options menu will appear.


Step 2. Mouse over the “Options” menu item. The program options submenu will appear.


Step 3. From the submenu, select and click on the “Email accounts…” option. The “Accounts” selection dialog box will appear.


Step 4. Select the e-mail account whose settings you wish to modify from the list located under the “Mail” heading.


Step 5. With your email account selected, click the “Properties” button on the right hand side of the “Accounts” dialog box. The account properties dialog box will appear.


Step 6. At the top of the account properties dialog box, click on the “Advanced” tab.


Step 7. Within the “Advanced” tab settings, locate the “Delivery” options at the bottom of the tab.


Within the “Delivery” settings, you will find 3 check boxes; “Leave a copy of messages on server,” “Remove from server after (X) day(s),” and “Remove from server when deleted from ‘Deleted Items’.”

Step 7-1. If you wish to always delete mail from the server as soon as Windows Live Mail finishes checking your email, uncheck the “Leave a copy of messages on server” check box.

Step 7-2. If you wish to leave mail on the server for a limited time after you have downloaded/read your email within Windows Live Mail, keep the “Leave a copy of messages on server” checkbox checked, check the “Remove from server after (X) day(s)” check box, and enter in the amount of days you wish to keep your email on the server after being checked, before being deleted. (i.e. If you tell Windows Live Mail to¬† “Remove from server after 2 day(s),” your email will stay on the server for two days after being checked, and will be deleted when you check your email after the second day. However, if you do not check your e-mail for more than 2 days (or however long you have the “Remove from . . .” option set for) then your email will remain on your server (and continue accumulating space in your email box,) until it is next checked via Windows Live Mail.)

Step 7-3. Additionally, whether you are leaving mail on server indefinitely, or a select number of days after it has been read, you can elect to have it deleted off of the mail server immediately when purged from your “Deleted Items” folder by selecting the “Remove from server when deleted from ‘Deleted Items'” check box.

Step 8. Once your “Delivery” options have been set, click the “Apply” button followed by the “Ok” button at the bottom of your email properties dialog box to set your options and close the box.


Step 9. Click close on the “Accounts” dialog box. Your Windows Live Mail main program window should now be showing once again.

Step 10. Click the “Send/Receive” button. Windows Live Mail will proceed to download your email, while deleting checked email from your mail sever as instructed in the previous steps.


As a final precaution, consider shutting down and re-opening Windows Live Mail to ensure changes to your Delivery settings have been fully applied and saved by Windows Live Mail. If you ever suspect they have not been properly saved, simply follow the above steps again to ensure your Windows Live Mail is delivering your email properly.

~J. Conboy