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Removing the Logo

Removing the Logo

So, a couple weeks ago, I wrote a tip about putting a logo on your envelopes. Specifically, you learned how to add a logo, graphic or text that would appear on all of your MS Word envelopes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t address how to undo them, should you change your mind.

First, if you don’t want something on a single envelope, you should be able to select it and simply delete it.

Now, for the subject, we really need to address permanently removing the information from your Word envelopes.

Basically, you need to remove the EnvelopeExtra1 AutoText/Quick Parts entry.

If you’re using Word 2007, you need to remove a Quick Parts entry.

Now, for those of you with older versions of Word, you need to remove the AutoText entry.

Voila! Any new envelope will start out completely blank. It’s just like you never had an EnvelopeExtra1!

~ April