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Rename Your Router

Kathy from Michigan writes:

When I look at the small icon at the bottom right of my screen of two computer screens for my WiFi connection it reads: MyComputer(SusanSmith) Access Local and Internet. How can I get my name off of that so people can’t tell that it’s my computer with the high bars? No one else has a name on theirs, just me.

Good question Kathy – and definitely a good idea to get your name off of the router. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to be able to easily identify my system. With all of the ways that people have devised to steal information and do damage to our systems I certainly don’t want to give anyone even a small crack in the system to try to break through.

Anyway – to rename your network you’ll need to access your router. To do that we’ll need to locate your Default Gateway IP address.

Finding the address is simple enough. We begin in the Start menu with the Run command.

In the Run dialog enter cmd.

A DOS window will open:

In the command line enter ipconfig and hit the Enter key.

You’ll quite a few lines of information in several different groups.

Locate the line labeled as “Default Gateway” that contains an IP address – something like this:

Now we’re off to your browser.

In the address bar enter the Default Gateway address number exactly as you found it.


This should open the page for your router set-up.

As my router was password protected – as it should be – I had to log in to get to my settings.

Each router brand will be different with it’s setup but you’re looking for the field where you can set the network name. (I found my network name in the basic settings area in a field labeled as ESSID.)

Enter a new name, save it and you’re all set!

~ April