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Reopen That Tab

Listen up all you Firefox users! This tip is just for you. When you’re using Firefox, do you often use tabbed browsing? If you don’t, you might want to consider starting, especially after you hear what I have for you today. In case you’re not too sure about tabbed browsing, read here [1] for some basic information that will help you get started with using it right away. Then when you’re ready, read on!

At some point or another, I’m sure you’ve probably filled out a form online, right? Or, maybe you’re an avid user of message board forums (like WorldStart’s, for example). Either way, sometimes when you’re doing those kinds of things, you get distracted or you somehow lose what you’re working on. So, wouldn’t it be great if, when that happens, you could somehow get all of that information back with just a clickity click click? Well, there’s a way with Firefox. Check it out!

If you accidentally close out a tab you’re working in, all you have to do is right click anywhere in the tab area and choose the option of Undo Close Tab.

With that one click, the Web page you were working on will magically appear again right before your eyes. It will come back up the same exact way it was when you lost it, with all of your information still intact. I’m not lying. Try it for yourself. You’ll be amazed and you’ll definitely save yourself a lot of time!

~ Erin