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I found this site while visiting one of my other crafting sites and decided that I had to share it with you! This site provides you practical, fun, and family friendly ways to recycle things that you might have in your house from everyday consumption (think pop bottles, mint tins, etc).

I’ve brought you here with the purpose of pointing you directly to the D-I-Y section! So what are you waiting for head right there! You’ll find a collection of fun projects to repurpose and thus recycle things that are just sitting around your house. I love the cereal box wallet, I’m going to try and make one from the plethora of Coca-Cola boxes that are waiting to be recycled. It might take some maneuvering but I think I can do it!

They even offer how-to videos, just scroll down to the bottom of the D-I-Y section to check them out. You’ll find four projects: record album portfolio, mint tin puzzle, glass bottle vase, and license plate memo board.

I think that this site offers a fun assortment of ways to recycle things that can really get your kids or grandkids interested in recycling. I loved these kinds of projects as a kid! They might even inspire you to make your own projects!

http://www.replayground.com [1]