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Reset PowerPoint Slides

I know that my PowerPoint users can identify with this one… You’ve spent a lot of time putting together the perfect presentation and now it’s time to do a quick run through to see how it looks.

Well – you thought that it was “perfect” but now you see that content holders (such as the title, main text, etc…) are all slightly different. Some titles ended up larger than others, some use a bold font, some places you’ve managed to change font altogether! To top it all off, you find that you’ve even managed to move informational textboxes all over the place so it looks like things are jumping all over the slide as you move from one to the next.

What a mess!

And the mess only gets bigger if you’re trying to create one presentation from slides that several people created… there’s no way those are going to get to you in a consistent form that’s ready to be merged with everyone else’s work.

So, I’ve got to ask… what are you going to do about it?

While ignoring it would certainly be the path of least work, I can guarantee that even if it doesn’t bother you enough to spend the time someone your audience will become distracted by it. They’ll then apply more of their concentration on the “flaws” that they’re seeing on anything else.

(I know this from personal experience – the last conference I attended had a ton of inconsistencies and wasn’t very “smooth” in appearance… it drove me nuts and what I came away with more than anything else was a sense of annoyance that we paid someone to put that up there!)

If you don’t want to be the “annoying” presenter then you’re going to put the time in to fix it – but of course we all want the most efficient way and that’s what I’d like to help with right now.

My suggestion is simple, Reset the slide (in older versions of PowerPoint it’s called reapplying the layout – same thing, different name).

What this action will do for you is to return all content placeholders to their original position (based on the slide layout you began with); return all text to the correct size, font, color and other formatting elements; and, quite happily, it will leave the extra things you’ve added such as Clip Art and SmartArt alone!

Time to get to business…

Directions for older versions of PowerPoint:

With the slide(s) selected go to the Slide Layout portion of the Task Pane.


Locate the correct layout for the slide and click the down-arrow.

Choose Reapply Layout from the list.

Directions for PowerPoint 2007:

With the slide(s) selected go to the Home tab of the Ribbon.


In the Slides section, click the Reset button.


Inconsistencies gone – minimal time spent … but of course, as any good presenter will tell you, you should still go back through and make sure that it truly is “perfect” this time!