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Reset the Default Save Location in MS Office

When you open a file in one of your MS Office programs, do you find that you’re always navigating away from “My Documents” to some other folder?

Ever wish that it would just open up to that location in the first place?

If so, here’s the good news… you can set each program to go directly to whatever location you desire, when you go to open a file.

I can honestly say that this is one of the first adjustments I make when “moving in” to a new computer. While I use many different folders to help sort out my files, I usually find that there’s one in particular that I use the most, so I set the program to call up that location whenever I open a file.

If it sounds like a good plan to you, here’s what you need to know…

We need to work in the Options dialog box, so you begin with the Options button for whatever program you’re using, which is located in the Office Button list / File tab of the Ribbon.

Go to the Save category and locate the field for Default file location.

Some programs will let you browse and select the default location, others will not, so you’ll have to type it yourself.

Once the correct location is in the field, click OK to exit the Options dialog box.

As a suggestion for anyone who has to enter the new location manually… if it’s in a location with a complicated path then you might try to actually open the folder then copy and paste its location into the field.

That’s it, you’re done!

Next time you start the process to open a file the program should go immediately to the location you chose… allowing you to get right down to business without delay.

~ April