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Resetting AutoComplete in Internet Explorer

Spike, from Kimberley B. C. Canada asks:

When I used to go on Internet Explorer, I would start typing in what I wanted to find, and with each letter typed several possibilities would come up. Now I have to type in the whole word. What have I done wrong, and how can I get this feature back?

Spike, I think that what you’re talking about is AutoComplete.

AutoComplete makes suggestions in a pull-down menu as you type. On your address bar, you can choose to have IE search browsing history, favorites or feeds, and choose whether or not to have suggestions from Windows Live Search.


(Of course, if you’re not a huge Star Trek nerd like I am, your suggestions will be different.)

My guess would be that somehow this feature has been disabled in your IE. Here’s how to turn it back on.

Start by clicking Tools in the upper right corner of your browser.


From there, click on Internet Options. From there, click on the Content tab, and then, under the AutoComplete frame, click Settings.


In addition to the address bar AutoComplete items that I mentioned above, you’ll notice a few others here.

The first is Forms. Enabling this, will have IE remember the information that you’ve filled out on internet forms and make suggestions when you are filling out web forms in the future.


The next is User names and passwords on forms. As it says, this will remember your user names and passwords that you’ve entered in the past. If you share your computer, you may want to turn this feature off, or at least enable the next check box, Ask me before saving passwords. That way you can choose to have it remember the user names and passwords that all users on your machine will have access to, while allowing you to keep the ones that you want only YOU to have access to secret.

The button at the bottom, Delete AutoComplete history will allow you to clear some or all of the AutoComplete information that you’ve entered. It will, however, give you options as to exactly which AutoComplete features you’d like to clear.


Simply check the appropriate checkboxes and then click Delete and you’re all done.

Hope this helps.

~Randal Schaffer