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Resetting Bold for Unread Email in Outlook

Henry from Denton, MD asks:

Windows 7 Office 2007, Outlook 2007. Incoming new e-mails do not show up in bold before they are read. How can I reinstate the Bold?

Henry, by default, Outlook displays unread messages with a bold font. However, it appears that your default has changed. No problem. We’ll get it reset.

Start by going to your Inbox. Under the View menu, point to Current View and select Customize Current View from the submenu.

In the Customize View: Messages dialog box, click the Automatic Formatting button.

Several options are generally already checked. Any that are checked will be affected by the changes you make so, if you don’t want to apply the new changes to all the items on the list, be sure to uncheck them. But, you want to be sure that Unread messages is checked. Then click the Font button.

In the Font dialog box, make your selections. If you only want to add Bold, just select that under Font style.

Click OK in each of the open boxes, and you should be all set.

Thanks for the question, Henry.