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Resetting Security Levels in Internet Explorer

I recently got a new Dell mini laptop, with Windows 7 and IE 8. I keep getting a pop up “Security Warning Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?” anytime I am on the web and trying to click through. Please tell me how to get rid of this. It is driving me crazy, and totally slowing down my surfing.

If you follow the directions below, that security warning shown above should not reappear. Please keep in mind that the warning serves a purpose. Disabling it may allow content that, as it says in the warning, “could compromise the security of the entire webpage”. A secure webpage encrypts the information it sends and receives so, one risk is, if you’re entering personal information on an unsecured page, it may be intercepted by a third party. As annoying as Windows warning messages can be, I generally allow them. If for no other reason, they remind me of the potential risk involved in an action.

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools and select Internet Options.

Under the Security tab, in the Internet Zone, click on the Custom level button in the Security level for this zone section.

Scroll down to Miscellaneous.

In the Miscellaneous section (shown above), scroll down to Display mixed content and click the Enable radio button.

This should perk up your browsing speed. Thanks for the question.