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Resetting Your Vista Password

Resetting Your Vista Password

I recently showed you how to reset your Windows XP password (you can read that tip here) and ever since, many of you have been asking how to do the same with your Windows Vista password. Well, have no fear, because that’s exactly what I’m going to show you right now!

1.) To begin, Vista has added an extra security layer for when a password is reset. After you remove the password, you will permanently lose access to any e-mail messages or encrypted files that happen to be on that account. This is just a security measure Microsoft added in to prevent anyone from wrongly gaining access to sensitive information. So, with that said, let’s continue onward!

2.) First, log in to the account where you have Administrative privileges.

3.) Next, click the Start button and type “lusrmgr.msc” into the search box. Then press Enter.

4.) A confirmation box will appear and you can just click Continue.

5.) The Local Users and Groups application will then open.

6.) To continue, double click on Users. All of your accounts will then be displayed.

Choose the one you would like to reset the password for and right click on it. The next menu you’ll see looks like this:

7.) Choose Set Password and a dialogue box will appear, letting you know what you are about to do. Click Proceed.

8.) Now, just type in your new password and confirm it. Presto! You now have a brand new Vista password.

Hope this helps!

~ Neil Patel