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Resizing Images in OpenOffice

OpenOffice.org: Keeping Things in Proportion

We’ve all done it…

Taken a perfectly good graphic and tried to enlarge it only to end up with something like this:


We then try to do a better job but it just never looks quite the way it should.

Do we give up on resizing?

Absolutely not!

We simply add a little key to the re-size to ensure that the picture stays in proportion as it grows.

Next time you are looking to re-size a graphic without distortion simply hold down the Shift key as you drag the corner handle.


With the Shift key it is impossible to drag in only one direction which is what keeps it from looking like it’s reflected in a fun house mirror.

If you’re looking to ensure that this graphic is not accidentally distorted, try altering it’s properties to force it to keep the original aspect ratio.

You would need to right-click on the graphic and choose Position and Size / Picture from the menu. (Depending on the type of graphic you will get different choices in the right-click menu.)

When the dialog box opens check the “Keep ratio” checkbox and click OK.

Now the graphic will always re-size in proportion without the Shift key.

Yeah :)

~ April