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Restart or Continue?

Restart or Continue?

Here’s one I thought would make a nice companion thought to last Friday’s MS Office tip about ending bulleted and numbered lists.

Specifically, let’s talk about breaking the numbered lists.

When you take a numbered list and break it by taking a line of it and changing it to the Normal Style, you might find that the numbering continues on below into the newly created second list.

That’s good if you wanted the numbering to continue, but what if it was supposed to truly become two separate lists and the numbering should have started over at one?

Well, there are probably lots of ways to take care of this situation, but I found my fastest fix with a simple right click.

I chose Restart Numbering from the menu and the list instantly renumbered itself.

Now, if you right click and don’t see this option, what’s next?

I’d have to say that the next option would be to choose Bulleted and Numbering from the menu.

In this window, choose Restart numbering and click OK.

I also must say that I’ve run into situations where the Restart numbering option wasn’t available. So, what then?

In these cases, I found that the AutoCorrect Options button would appear as I left the Bullets and Numbering window.

When I looked here, I found Restart Numbering as a choice.

So, whatever method you use, getting Word to start the numbering over is just a couple of clicks away!

~ April