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Restore Chrome Bookmarks Bar

The problem with moving over to a different web browser is that when you change something, the option to change back isn’t always located where you’d expect. Take for example awhile back when I accidentally lost my Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar. It was simply a matter of right-clicking on the toolbar and  de-selecting “Show bookmarks bar” to lose it, but finding the option to turn it back on was not where I expected.

So, today I’m going to save everyone else the time and just point it out.

In Chrome, click on the wrench icon in the upper right-hand corner.


Now, go to Settings, and in the resulting window look under the Appearance heading. Make sure a check mark is in the Always show the bookmarks bar option.

Oh, and if that’s too much, you can always use the shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+B to get it back.

Yeah, I know it’s really easy, but it’s bound to save someone out there some precious time!