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Restore Windows Paint

Robert from Raymond Maine writes:

How do I get my Windows Paint program back? I tried to repair it from the program files but it says it has a damaged file and won’t install. I am running XP Pro and IE


You can reinstall Paint or other Windows built-in programs you are missing fairly easily in Windows XP. Start by clicking the start button then click control panel. In control panel click Add or Remove Programs then click Add/Remove Windows Components. Select Accessories and Utilities and click details then click Paint and press OK.


If Paint is already installed and you’re receiving this error, try uninstalling it by deselecting it and rebooting the computer. Once rebooted, go through the above steps to reinstall Paint.

I’d highly recommend skipping Paint and downloading Paint.net, which is a fantastic freeware alternative to the built-in Paint program. It was developed by interns at Microsoft over a summer project and released as freeware. You can download it by clicking here [1].