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I always love to introduce new and exciting Web sites to all you folks who read WorldStart’s newsletter regularly and for this purpose, I continuously scan the Internet one Web site at a time for something useful. But this time, I found a real steal for you! This is especially useful if you shop around a lot on the Internet.

When you shop online, have you ever noticed that most big Web sites usually have a little box on the checkout page where you can enter a promotional code? This promotional code primarily gets you a bit of a discount on the total purchase you are making. Most people don’t know this, but it doesn’t take anything special to get ahold of these promotional codes. You don’t even have to know the CEO of the company to get access to these special codes! It has been quite awhile since people have been Googling for promo codes and using them while shopping online, but there’s no doubt it’s a bit of a time consuming job.

So, lucky for us, someone came along and consolidated all these promo codes into a single place so that they are easily accessible to anyone. The Web site is called RetailMeNot and the concept is rather simple. You simply visit the site, search for the online store in which you want the promotional code for and it will pull up the results for you.

For instance, I went to www.retailmenot.com and searched for any promotional codes within www.dell.com. Immediately, I was presented with a few promotional codes that I could use to get discounts from Dell. For easy access, they have also provided us all with a little bookmark that you can add to your browser.

When you use a promotional code that you found on this Web site, it’s always a good idea to vote whether it worked for you or not. As you can see on the search results page, it also tells you the success rate of the given promotional code. It’s useful for potential users to know how successful a particular coupon code was so that they don’t waste their time trying a code that was already found unsuccessful. Similarly, another way to give back to the community is to submit any promotional coupons that you might have access to. Remember what they told you as a kid? Sharing is good!

RetailMeNot has a pretty decent collection of promotional codes. I was easily able to find codes for prominent shopping destinations like Dell, Amazon, GAP, Go Daddy, NewEgg, eMusic, lee and more.

To start, I suggest browsing through the coupons by the keywords that are given at the bottom of the main page. Who knows what sweet deal you might find there!

Again, you can find RetailMeNot right here.

~ Yogesh Bakshi