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Return to Your Work in MS Word

Do you work with long documents in MS Word?

Ever find yourself editing a large document, jumping from location to location, only to realize that you should have done just one more thing at the last editing spot?

How annoying is that? To have to go back through the document and find that exact position again.

Well, wait! What if we could return with nothing more than a quick key combination, with no searching at all? Interested?

Yep, I thought you might be, so let’s take a look at what Word has to offer for this dilemma.

Next time you need to go back to your last point of editing try Shift + F5.

(Actually, Shift + F5 will cycle you back through the previous three points of editing and then if used again, it will return you to where you started).

I just love a shortcut through those long documents, don’t you?!

~ April