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Reversing a Spell Checker “Oops”

Reversing a Spell Checker “Oops”

Have you ever realized that either part way through a spell check or when you’re done, you’ve just told MS Word to Ignore All on something that should have been corrected?

Did you find yourself staring blankly at your computer, dreading the Find/Replace procedure you’re forced to run to fix the error? And even after that’s done, you’re probably going to double check the document manually as well, aren’t you?

Wish you could just start the spell check over and get Word to ignore your Ignore All command?

Good news, you can!

Word comes with the ability to recheck the document and clear the Ignore All list so that you can get the mistake corrected the second time through.

To recheck the document and reset the Ignore All list, you first need to start the spell check command. You can get there via the Tools menu, Spelling and Grammar choice or the Review ribbon, Spelling and Grammar button. And as always, the F7 key works too.

At this point, you’re looking for the Options button.

In older Office versions, in the Spelling and Grammar Options window, you’re looking for the Proofing Tools section, Recheck Document button. (This button may be labeled as Check Document if you haven’t previously run a spell check).

In Office 2007, the Options button will take you to the program’s Options window. Once there, you’re still looking for the Recheck Document button.

Click the Recheck Document button.

Word will warn you that you’re about to restart the spell check, disregarding your previous Ignore choices.

You need to click Yes to confirm your decision.

You’ll be sent back to the Spelling and Grammar Options page where you’ll need to click OK.

Finally, you’ll be taken back to the spell check process where you’ll get a second chance to choose to ignore or not to ignore. Yes!

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