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Reversing the Printing Order

Bob asks:

I have an HP printer installed on my XP computer and it prints the last page first, the next to last page next, and so on. How can I change it so the pages will print in the reverse order, beginning with the first page? Thank you in advance for your help.

Bob, you can reset the printer settings to reverse the order of the print by following the instructions below.

Click on the Start button and select Control Panel from the menu.

print_from_back_to_front_1 [1]

[1]Then select Printers and Faxes from the list. You may have to switch the view (upper left) to see it as it’s shown below.

print_from_back_to_front_2 [2]

[2]Select your HP printer from the list and right click. From the menu, click Properties.

print_from_back_to_front_3 [3]

[3]In Properties, under the General tab, click on the Printing Preferences button at the bottom.

print_from_back_to_front_4 [4]

[4]In the Printing Preferences dialog box, under the Layout tab, you’ll see Page Order. Front to Back is the order you’re currently using. If you want the first page to print first, click on the radio button next to Back to Front. Click OK, and you should be all set.

print_from_back_to_front_5 [5]

This can also be done in Vista and Windows 7, but the process is a little different. Click on Start and select Control Panel. Click on Printer.

print_from_back_to_front_6 [6]

Right click on the default printer and select Printing Preferences from the menu.

print_from_back_to_front_7 [7]

At this point, the view in Vista is different from the one in Windows 7. The view in Vista is below. Under the Layout tab, in the Page Order section, make your choice from the drop down menu.

print_from_back_to_front_8 [8]

This is the view in Windows 7. Under the Advanced tab, in Layout Options, the choice is made in Page Order.

print_from_back_to_front_9 [9]

Thanks for the question, Bob