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Review Options in Word

Have a lot of people reviewing a particular Word document?

Maybe too many?

Hard to tell what’s going on with all that “chatter”… too many changes, too many people.

Wish you could sort them out?

Maybe see just one or two persons’ at a time? Or maybe you’ve decided that you should ignore someone. Whatever, there’s simply no way you want to see all of them together.

So, the question becomes, can I see just some of them?

The answer is yes and here’s how.

First, if you’re using an older version of Word then you’ll need to display the Reviewing toolbar. (View menu, Toolbars, Reviewing)

On the Reviewing toolbar you are looking to find the Show button.


When you click move down to the Reviewers choice.

A list will appear where you can uncheck any reviewer whose changes you do not want to view.

With Word 2007 you need the Review tab of the Ribbon.

In the Tracking section it’s the Show Markup button we need.


Choose Reviewers and you will see a list of reviewer names. Uncheck anyone whose changes should not be displayed.

Everyone should know that the All Reviewers choice will toggle between selecting them all and clearing them all. Use it for changes to the complete list.

And that’s really all there is to it. See who you want when you want and ignore the rest… if only everything in life was like this.

~ April