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Revo Uninstaller

Have you ever had a program that just would not uninstall? I get a lot of questions about stubborn programs that just will not come off a computer. In the past, we’ve covered this topic but I definitely think it is worth revisiting.

One thing I can’t stand is having a computer full of programs that I don’t use anymore! Extra programs on a computer do nothing but slow it down. That’s why it’s a good idea to go through your system every once in awhile and uninstall programs you don’t use anymore.

Usually, uninstalling is done by going to your system’s Control Panel and opening the Add/Remove Programs section (listed as Programs and Features in Vista and Windows 7). That way works just fine most of the time, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. The other day, that type of problem happened to me. I was trying to uninstall a program and it just wouldn’t come out. There were leftover files and registry entries all over the place. Because of that, I started looking for a program that would fix my problem.

What I found is called Revo Uninstaller. Revo Uninstaller is a free program that accurately and safely removes unwanted, stubborn programs from your computer.

As you can see in the above picture, the program starts out by showing you every program installed on your computer. Removing one of these programs is as simple as clicking the program icon and clicking the button labeled Uninstall on the task bar at the top. Or, you can just double click on the program name. How easy is that!?!

Revo Uninstaller begins by setting a system restore point, which is great, because if anything goes wrong, it can be undone. Next, it runs the regular uninstaller for the program you want to remove. You can select from four settings (Built-in, Safe, Moderate, and Advanced).

Built-in – Runs only the application’s uninstaller without any additional scanning.

Safe – Includes the Built-in mode and performs the additional scans in the Registry and on the hard drive to find leftover items that are safe to delete. This is the fastest mode.

Moderate – Includes the Safe mode and performs an extended scan to find all of the application’s leftover information in the mos common places of the Registry and on the hard drive.

Advanced – Includes the Moderate mode and performs a deep and thorough scan to find all of the application’s leftover information in the Registry an don the hard drive. This is the slowest mode.

I chose the Advanced option and didn’t run into any issues. Click the Next button and, after the restore point is set, the program’s uninstaller will run.

The next step is where Revo shines. Once the program’s uninstaller has been run, it will scan for leftover information and offer the option to remove the files it finds. However, it will only do this if you’ve selected any mode other than Built-in. Deciding whether or not to delete these files depends on whether they’re associated with something you might want to keep. For example, I uninstalled an earlier version of Firefox and deleted all the leftovers, which removed all my Firefox bookmarks. This was not an issue with me, but you may feel differently. In addition, you may not want to delete leftovers from software that has multiple applications installed on your computer (Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc.).

The leftover Registry items that it associates with the program will be shown in bold print (see below). If you want to remove them, just check the boxes on the left of the name and click Next. You can also drill down by clicking the + sign to the left of the name.

Once it’s cleared these items, it searches for leftover files and folders and offers the option to delete them.

When a program is particularly stubborn, it may need to be reinstalled, before it can be successfully uninstalled. I know this sounds strange, but sometimes the uninstallers become unusable and they must be reinstalled before they can be used. So, if you have trouble you may want to give that a shot as well.

Which ever way you look at it, when it comes to uninstallers, this program is great.  You can download the Revo Uninstaller for yourself right here [1]. Enjoy!