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Welcome to the web’s largest rhyme search engine! If you’re looking for words that rhyme with a specific word you’ve come to the right place. You’ll also find a special collection of nursery rhymes that are featured on the main page. 

The site is easy to use! I love that they use the word Rhyme on the front page to show you an example of what your search results will be.  So now that you know what to expect from your results, how about looking for rhymes? It’s easy – just type in the word you want find rhymes for and click the Search button at the top of the page. The results will look just like the rhyme example on the main page. I think it’s great that they offer you one syllable, and multiple syllable rhyme matches. 

Another great feature is that you can find the translation of any word you’re looking for by selecting a different language from the another language drop down box under translation. You’ll find this drop down beneath the rhyme results for the word you searched. 

If you want to look at more nursery rhymes besides those that are featured on the main page, click the double arrows to the right of the title Our Special Collection of Nursery Rhymes. This whisks you away to a much larger selection of nursery rhymes to pick from. 

This is an awesome site to bookmark for the time when you need to find a word that rhymes quickly! 

http://www.rhymes.net/ [1]