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Right-Click Encrypter: Hassle-Free File Encryption

Have you ever wanted a simple utility to encrypt a file, ensuring that it’s password-protected? Not everyone needs national, high-strength encryption enabled by a complex piece of software. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a simple right-click option to encrypt and decrypt a file, simply by typing in the password?

Right-Click Encrypter is the answer. This simple utility can be downloaded by clicking here [1], and once you unzip and run the installer, the operation could not be simpler. Right-click on any file you want to encrypt, and you’ll see a new option in the menu called “Encrypt with “Right-Click Encrypter.” Click on it.

A window will pop up asking you to type in a new password, and then, verify the password by re-typing it in the second box. Once you click encrypt, your file will be encrypted and show a small safe logo.

To decrypt the file, you can either double-click it or right-click and choose “Decrypt with Right-Click Encrypter.” A dialog box will open asking you to type in the password and click decrypt. Your file will not be decrypted.

What’s not to love? Well, since it doesn’t use an advanced encryption method, I would recommend it for people trying to keep prying eyes out of files they shouldn’t be seeing. However, for more secure, extremely sensitive information, or encryption required by law, I’d recommend looking at TrueCrypt [2]. This is an open-source encryption program which supports very advanced, military-grade encryption.