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Roblox – A Game Building Site For All Ages

Welcome to Roblox an amazing game building site where players of all ages can use core building components to create and share online worlds that anyone can explore and play.  This site gives you the power and tools to create your own 3D worlds and then you can share those worlds with your friends and family and the internet!

I’d suggest watching the video on the main page – What Will You Build – because it shows you what sort of games people are building and what you can do graphically while you are creating your own game. You can play games without registering. To do so, head on over to the games section by either clicking Games on the top navigation strip, or clicking All Games at the bottom of the page. 

Once you’re on the Games page, you’ll notice that there are a featured assortment of games displayed as well as a category menu to the left. You can use the blue arrow near the bottom to navigate through all the games or you can refine the amount displayed by pick from these categories: Building, Horror, Town and City, Military, Comedy, Medieval, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Naval, FPS, RPG, Sports, Fighting, and Westerns. When you load a game it will download the roblox.exe and give you instructions on how to run it. Then it will whisk you away to the game you selected to play. 

In order to build your own game, you’ll need to register for an account, just click the blue Sign Up button or provide your Facebook info and F-connect. I used F-Connect because it was easier. It had me confirm my birth date, gender, and create a username.  Then I was able to start building right away.  You can build T-shirts, games, and more. 

This is a really fun site that allows you to build stuff. I think it’s great to encourage creativity in kids and teens as well. Check it out today!


http://www.roblox.com/ [1]