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Rock, Paper, Scissors: You vs. The Computer

Have you ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence works? Well now you can find out. The New York Times has created a fun application where you play the Rock, Paper, Scissors game versus a computer.

The first decision you have to make before you start playing is whether you want to play the Novice Version or the Veteran Version. In the Novice Version you will teach the computer how to mimic human reactions by building up a database of moves that it will analyze statistically to plan its moves. If you play the Novice version it will take at least five rounds for the computer to start predicting your moves. If you chose to play against the Veteran Computer it will draw from a database of 200,000 moves to predict its moves against you. After you’ve decided, the game begins!

To play, all you have to do is select your move from the buttons at the top of the human side, they are: rock, paper, scissors. After you have played five rounds, you can click a button the the computer’s side of the game to see what they computer is thinking. I found this fascinating. It will take you step by step through how the computer decides what move to throw against you. I checked out how the computer thinks on both versions and it was very interesting both times, so I highly suggest you give both versions  a try.

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