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Rocks for Kids

Along with collecting shells as a kid, my sister and I also had a great rock collection. I can still remember doing my science project in middle school with an amethyst geode.  Now my collection is mostly of materials that can sit around my house and look beautiful until I make them into jewelry – like labradorite, different colors of quartz, agate, onyx, and opals.

Navigation is a little complicated on the site because the landing pad of the web page isn’t the main menu. To get to the main menu, click either Enter Here or Table of Contents. You’ll be whisked off to a huge menu filled with different sections devoted to information about rocks, minerals, collections, a glossary, crafts, experiments, and more! 

Another interesting section you can get to from the main landing pad is Pictures of Rocks. Click it and you’ll be presented with an alphabetical menu to images of rocks and minerals. You’re also offered the option to look at rocks and minerals via location also listed alphabetically.

No matter where you dive in at this site you are sure to learn something about rocks and minerals. Check it out today! 

http://www.rocksforkids.com/ [1]