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Roku Part Two

Having recently received a Roku, a reader’s question provided the motivation to familiarize myself with the device and its options. An earlier article, Roku Part One [1], looked at the device, the price, and setup. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the different accounts (channels) available, and how to set them up.

Setting up an account

In addition to providing online video, Roku can also be used for audio streaming, so a Pandora [2] account is used below to demonstrate the Roku sign-in process.

On the Home page, using the arrow keys, scroll to the Channel Store.


In the Channel Store, scroll down to the Music section and click Pandora.


Click the Add channel button.


If you have an account, scroll to the Sign in button and click OK or follow the computer directions.


Signing in to an account on Roku is completed using the on-screen keyboard.


Since Roku was originally designed as a Netflix portal, let’s take a quick look at Netflix navigation. On the home page, find Netflix and click the OK button on the remote,


As mentioned in the first article, it’s easiest to configure accounts on a computer and then access them through Roku. However, searching Netflix is relatively simple. Just scroll to Search (see below) and click OK.


This brings up the on-screen keyboard. Once you start typing, Search Suggestions at the right narrows the search.


In addition to Pandora and Netflix, we chose to add Roku Newscaster, Moonlight Movies, and Picasa. Added channels will appear on the home page.


Some of the news channels available from Roku Newscaster are displayed below.


To remove a channel, scroll to the channel and press the Options key.


Or, open the channel and click Remove channel.


For a list of what’s available, visit the Roku Channel Store [3].

Last, but not least, Roku is a gaming device on which–among other games– Angry Birds [4], can be played. However, a Game Remote is required for game installation.


Click the Settings button on the Home page to view and, in some cases, configure settings.


If you’re considering a Roku, or if you already have one, I hope this information has been helpful.