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RootsMagic Essentials

RootsMagic is a really useful free program that enables you to lay out your family tree. It has many tools available for tracking information about your family and their ancestry. I found this program to very practical and loads of fun, right off the bat.

Upon initial installation, you’re asked to do an update to get the newest version of the free software. I went ahead and did this before starting. Note there are paid upgrades available that are designed to provide you with more tools to track your family’s history. However, I found this free version does almost anything you need it to do.

Once you have downloaded the update, and it has fully installed, it will take you to a screen that asks you how you would like to start. This program can import files from other family trees you may have created using this program, but also from other programs as well. Since I am new to this program, I went ahead and chose Create a new file as pictured below.

After choosing this option, you’re asked to name your tree for easy access later. Go ahead and name it whatever you wish. Other options are also available for your new tree, as far as the formatting goes, such as the appearance of the date and names you will input later.

After you have chosen the way you wish it to appear and have named your file, you will proceed to a screen that allows you to start entering your information. It really is that easy to use. All you need to do is click on a box, and start entering all of the information you have on that person. Personally, I was thinking it just can’t be this easy, but really it was just that simple.

While this program is completely free, it does have some limits. You have a limit of 50 members with the free version of this program. If you have a very large family, the free version may not be for you. However, I would still encourage you to check it out and see if maybe upgrading to the paid version may be something of value to you. There were also limits as far as going to their site for easier Family Tree building. On the other hand, it is so easy to use, you should not need all that much help.

Ultimately, I would highly recommend at least giving this program a shot. I found it to be much easier to use than other programs I have had experiences with in the past. Go ahead get your copy, what do you have to lose? Click here [1] to get your free copy.


Bonus Download:

This week, Microsoft announced the official release of Internet Explorer 9. We were planning a review of the final version, but after giving it a thorough test run, we found it to be, on the surface at least, identical to a beta version we had recently reviewed (read that review here [2]). The final version is available both as a standard version and one with built-in Bing search and MSN as the home page. Of course these features can easily be added, but if these are features you want, a couple steps can be saved by choosing this version.

Click here [3] for the download. On the right side of the page, you can select whichever version you’d like.